One Way 2 Fun
One Way 2 Fun is an absolutely wonderful directory that has many features. You must be asking yourself what is
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Fuel The Scene Magazine
Fuel the Scene Magazine is a not-for-profit online and print publication dedicated to supporting the growth and development of a
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EMSU Media
EMSU Media is a Media Company based outside of the Pittsburgh, PA area, founded by Emmy Susani and Michael Usenick.
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BlackHeart Yott Promotions
They specialize in social media promotion for any genre of music for bands and artists from all over the world.
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Build the Scene
Build the Scene is the place to go for local music in the Pittsburgh area. We’re here to introduce you
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the Pennsylvania Rock Show
The Pennsylvania Rock Show is a online radio show/podcast/FM program that features a studio guest and is full of songs
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city of the weak
Featured Artist

City of the Weak is unstoppable

by Dakota Horbaczek in Featured Band 0

City of the Weak is not like anything like you have heard before. You can throw a fit, but you can’t censor this band. These unstoppable musicians are alternative rockers from Minneapolis, MN. One of [...]
Spotlight Artist

Eye on Attraction has method and madness

by Dakota Horbaczek in Spotlight Artist 0

Spotlight Artist: Eye on Attraction   Eye on Attraction has a fun and energetic sound that will having dancing along in no time flat. They are an alt/prog rock band based in Scranton, PA. Eye [...]