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November 2018

November 2018

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Soldiers Of Solace

Since their birth, a little over a year ago, “Soldiers of Solace” has shared the mainstage with national acts such as: “Nonpoint”, “Jamey Jasta” of “Hatebreed”, and “Scott Stapp” of “Creed”. With poignant lyrical content, driving riffs, thundering beats, and powerful live performances, “Soldiers of Solace” is quickly making their mark on the international music...

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Gold Steps

The heart of Texas is pumping with the pop-punk palpitation of Austin-based quintet Gold Steps. Liz Mauritz (vocals) leads the angsty, energetic firestorm, rounded out by Zach Duarte (lead guitar), Erasmo “Raz” Garcia (bass), and Roger Steadman (drums). Chuggy guitar riffs, kickdrum blasts and spitfire vocals define the band’s sound, but while their music brings...

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Reign of Z

Reign of Z is a culmination of years of experience and a drive to move forward. With all the members having extensive time put into their craft, they were able to craft a sonic identity that will ensure their place in music for years to come and make Reign of Z a household name. Facebook

echo 2 locate

Echo 2 Locate

Coming from a mix of pop-punk, grunge, alternative rock and metal influences, Echo 2 Locate formed to create a unique sound and image. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Echo 2 Locate was originally formed by Rhiannon Neagle (Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist) and Mike Pritchett (Drummer) to which they later added Clarke Hildreth and Will Servary to the...

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