About Us

Greatness has risen from Los Angeles once again in the form of Aboleth’s dirt metal. This trio gives you a perfect fusion of blues and metal that electrifies the senses . You have the drumming machine known as Bollet that makes his presence known with every beat. Collyn has created a a truly sensational style with his bass and guitar hybrid he calls baguitar. Then there is the vocal powerhouse of Brigitte. Her voice will remind you of so many legendary leading ladies such as Dale Krantz Rossington, Ann Wilson and Janis Joplin. When she hits the stage she moves like Axl Rose from the days of Appetite for Destruction. Aboleth has just finished their first tour with BrokenRail and Raven Black. During this tour they released their first album Benthos. The album itself is a terrific listen featuring their signature dirt metal sound with some stunning blues tracks thrown in. If you want our advice head to all of their social media and websites to experience everything Aboleth has to offer.