Echo 2 Locate

  1. 01 Calling Out 3:29
  2. 02 Faster 3:51
  3. 03 Everything from Nothing 3:41
  4. 04 Wastelands 3:20

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About Us

Coming from a mix of pop-punk, grunge, alternative rock and metal influences, Echo 2 Locate formed to create a unique sound and image. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Echo 2 Locate was originally formed by Rhiannon Neagle (Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist) and Mike Pritchett (Drummer) to which they later added Clarke Hildreth and Will Servary to the family.


Vocals,Guitar/ Rhiannon Neagle
Lead.Guitar/ Clarke Hildreth
Bass/ Will Servary
Drums/ Mike Pritchett


  • Apr07 Baltimore, Maryland Fish Head Cantina