Raven Black

About Us

Raven Black is pure horror to die hard pop fans but to us they are simply wonderful. If you are a fan of The Devil’s Carnival then you will love going to one of their live shows. Raven interacts with every fan that gets close to the stage including the fans with every song. The most recent album created by these masters of the macabre is 13 which was released in May of 2018. We are unable to pick a favorite track because each song is just that damn good. What we can say is that we can’t get enough of their newest singles. Carnival and Risen from the Ashes is just raw power that can shatter windows. These singles are a must have for any metalhead with a pulse. Raven Black is planning some tours so you need to keep a weather eye on the horizon for when they come to your town. Until then buy 13 and their singles now!