For a while, it seemed like the day of riot grrrl punk rock was gone with the rest of the 80’s punk movement. Punk never died, it lived on through multiple other genres. Some of its early trademarks had faded into memory, while others remained the same. Denver locals Rotten Reputation are a callback to early-era punk. Their new EP, Castration Station, was released recently, bringing four speedy tracks with it.

There’s no chanted intro track. No sampling of news stations or rapped intros seen on a handful of modern punk albums. Castration Station launches straight into the slam dance with “Bridget Bishop”. Castration Station is one part hardcore punk and one part social commentary. “Bridget Bishop” features the catchy and easy-to-learn chorus of “She’s a witch, she’s a witch, she’s a witch” but explores various ways and reasons society disenfranchises and attacks women and their rights. Lola Lightning delivers an emotional, punchy performance of these lines that matches up well with the precision and speed of the rest of the band.

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