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White Rabbit by Travelers is hopping onto your playlists

Virginia Beach alternative rock duo Travelers have released their brand new single, “White Rabbit,” out on all digital platforms now. Rebranded with an electronic edge, the single is the first taste of their upcoming 2019 album “Hideko.” Having not released music in 2 years, the album’s first single was dropped long before Travelers prompted a...

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I Loved You, Once by Hazel Bloom

; Hazel Bloom states: “I Loved You, Once” is the first song I wrote while experimenting with new production methods and instruments. I had never experimented with elements of electro pop or R&B before so it was like a breath of fresh air to start producing music of this genre. I’m overly excited to share...

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born for blood

Born for Blood is VISTA’s newest single

Born For Blood, a wildly upbeat, distortion-laced, electronic-infused alternative rock track explores themes of hunger, determination, and empowerment. The stand-alone single is a true testament to VISTA’s evolution this year, filled with their signature layered vocals, gritty production, and raw passion. “Born For Blood” will be the final release for their current EP cycle, and...

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