Denver is a huge city known for many things. Denver is known for omelettes that it didn’t invent. It’s not known for cheeseburgers, which were possibly invented there. It’s also the type of city where if you live in the suburbs, you just tell people from other states that you live in Denver. 21 Taras is a hard rocking band that hails from Littleton, CO. They just recently released their latest album, Change.

Change opens up with the old phrase, “Change Is Gonna Come”. Right away, there is a raw feel to the music. Something about the production values just feels a little more raw and unprocessed than other bands. Another noticeable thing is the slight wavering in the singer’s vocals. They add a lot of personality and emotion to the lyrics, which is great for a song about standing up to overbearing authority. It lends it a bluesy sort of feel, which they capitalize on in “Gettin’ Hungry”. Between his raspy voice and the jazzy tempo, this is a song that remembers rock’s roots. It gives a great contrast between the first track and the third, “Fatal Farm”. 21 Taras is a callback to the earliest days of hard rock and metal. The rhythms and sounds are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and their cohort.

Seraphim Dibble of Fuel The Scene Magazine

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