Chicago is known for many things. Among those things is a tremendous music scene that has given birth to a great number of fantastic sounds. Central Disorder was formed in 2009. Since then, they’ve released a number of songs and albums, with the latest being Eradication. Released on 25th September of this year, the album clocks in at eleven songs and forty-seven minutes long.

Eradication opens with news of some insurrection occurring, with only one survivor apparent and pleading for a way to win. This leads straight into “Insurrection”. Eradication goes right from the cinematic intro to a devastating metal track. Central Disorder proves within these first few moments that they are not here to take prisoners. They are here to release a memorable metal album that people will be proud to own, and they have the skills to back that up.

Review by Seraphim Dibble of Fuel The Scene Magazine
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