Some half jokingly refer to Asheville as the Boulder of North Carolina. Much like its Colorado relative, Asheville is a relatively quiet mountain town nestled in the foothills. They both have large art scenes and are known for populations that love tea. Asheville also has a longstanding legacy with music and famous venues, though. One of the latest things to come out of that legacy is metal band 8 Vacant Graves.

Despite recently going through a short hiatus, the four-piece group has just released their new EP, Grave 1: Root Origin. “Lucid Nightmare” is the EP’s first track. With a heavy, growling intro, it prepares the listener for singer Anthony Worley’s guttural vocals. 8 Vacant Graves is two parts nu-metal and one part death metal. This shows through the structuring of songs like “Lucid Nightmare” and “Anxiety”. The band compares themselves to groups like Slipknot and Korn, and compositionally, there are definitely similarities. Riffs and drum beats resemble Slipknot, and certainly both bands use heavy screaming. However, there’s something about 8 Vacant Graves that seems to bring it closer to the death metal half of things than nu metal.

Seraphim Dibble of Fuel The Scene Magazine
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