As genres, alternative, emo, indie, and pop punk all share a lot of qualities. Both have evolved greatly throughout the years, borrowing from each other and other genres. Many times, it is hard to tell the genres apart as bands flit between the two effortlessly or just flat-out belong to both. Makari is releasing their latest contribution to the genre on August 3rd, 2018. The new album, Hyperreal, is ten tracks long, and strives to leave an impression with the audience.

The first track, “Better”, opens with a catchy, upbeat riff. Within seconds, Andy Cizek’s melodic voice begins to flow along with the drums and rest of the song. “Better” is a firm and reliable entry into the world of alternative rock. It offers aural callbacks to the early 2000’s, when the scene was flooded by new bands looking to test their mettle. That isn’t to say that Makari sounds outdated or old by any means. “The Jar” manages to sound like Taking Back Sunday, for example, while also retaining its own unique identity. The song is at once a softer piece overall, yet retains a kind of youthful, exuberant energy throughout. This kinda continues through “Transient”. Both songs combine softer guitar and vocal sections with the energy of the rest of the album. “Transient” does take it a step further, though, with sections where the guitars take on an ambient, almost dream-like quality.

Seraphim Dibble of Fuel The Scene Magazine
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