Hardcore was founded as an unabashedly angry genre of music. It was a bunch of people getting together and screaming at their microphones, featuring bands like Hatebreed and Converge (depending on who you ask). Phoenix natives Ded launch a new album today, Mis-An-Thrope, and it is a solid belt notch on the list of hardcore albums that you should be listening to. Fair warning, there is a small degree of language here where song lyrics are quoted.

“Architect” starts out the album with an aggressive riff and scream. One of the trademarks of hardcore has always been a kind of harsh, energizing sound that makes the listener want to get up and move. This song definitely has that, motivating you to get out of your seat and throw down (this is not an endorsement to crowd-kill). The next track, “Anti-Everything”, combines hardcore yells, melodic vocals, and riffs with rapped verses mixed in with the rest of the song. An angry declaration, this song is also one that is easy to learn and sing along to. One can expect it to be a fan favorite while they’re on a tour, and would adapt easily to having the audience sing entire parts of it. “Dead To Me” is next, and while it doesn’t stylize the word “dead” like the band’s name does, it features a lot of auditory signatures that Ded uses, including their killer riffs, and Joe Cotela’s signature screams and growls. Matt Reinhard kills it on drums on this song, with a riveting drumbeat that seethes around the lyrics and breakdowns.

Seraphim Dibble of Fuel The Scene Magazine
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