An ambitious combination of gothic pop and a vaudeville-esque rock, Sarah & The Safe Word explore themes of safety, comfort, and sensuality on their new single “Red Hot & Holy,” out TODAY. The 7- pieces breaks the rock mold by expanding on the genre with a wide range of instruments, but they also aren’t shy in their lyrical content. Lead vocalist Sarah describes the song as being “about struggling to find a space for yourself in a culture that so frequently denies young adults the opportunity to grow and blossom – whether it’s in their identity, sexuality, spirituality, or aesthetic. This is me saying, ‘Let me breathe, let me love, let me be touched how I want to be.’” Sarah & The Safe Word very much seem to be creating a brand centralizing around both the inclusion and well-being of their listeners, which is perhaps the most intriguing part about the group. While both cinematic and melodic, “Red Hot & Holy” is the perfect example of their vivid, theatrical, sensual smoothie of sounds as they gear up for their upcoming EP release this fall. About the release of “Red Hot & Holy,” the band states:

Red Hot & Holy is our most ambitious song to date. We’re so excited to share our vision of dark pop with all of you, and to show you all what our band is capable of.


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