1st Place winners 2018

Vitruvia is a dynamic, hard-hitting, and inspiring American post-hardcore band based in Berks County, Pennsylvania with delivering drums matched with aggressive but yet glowing guitar tones that will shake up your world. The music created by Vitruvia is the sound of ambition, amity, and allegiance, that will inspire the next generation. By infusing different influences such as punk, metal, alternative, and progressive rock into one unique sound, Vitruvia provides the perfect medley to get any audience going wild. They have a great passion for writing music which exemplifies what they believe in and live for. Vitruvia has shared the stage with national acts such as White Color Sideshow, Superchick, Disciple, Ashes Remain, This or the Apocalypse, and others. They were also recently a part of The Extreme Tour, one of the world’s largest tours, travelling up and down the Northern East Coast for a short time. At each show they perform with an abundant amount of energy and soaring vocals, including beautiful harmonies and sing along chants that win the hearts of the audience and their fans over and over again. They have recorded a 4 song demo and are currently recording a 6 song EP after teaming up with Dark Horse Strings, their first endorsement. Vitruvia has experienced some major obstacles but plan to continue to push hard in hopes that one day they will be able to fulfill their life-long dream of being full time musicians.

Formed in late 2009 by close relatives and best friends, they started out as a three piece band, eventually coming to the conclusion that they should find a fourth member to complete their sound. While searching for this member, Robert ended up in a major car accident forcing the band to take a significant break. In the process of Robert’s healing, they slowly started getting back into the groove of things. Down the road they found their fourth member, Nathan Baker, who joined as 2nd guitarist. While continuing their journey they have also witnessed first-hand the hardships of life; from losing jobs to starting families of their own, all while balancing home and family life with the responsibilities of the band. Despite these hardships, they are making music happen by managing their time. Vitruvia had started recording their 6 song EP when they teamed up with Dark Horse Strings. At the beginning of this partnership they were planning to join a tour with Nathan until he tragically ended up in a fatal motorcycle accident in mid-2014. This sudden loss took a major toll on Vitruvia, both as individuals and as a band, possibly forcing them to make the decision to end their dreams. However, after realizing what kind of message they would send others by giving up, they decided they had to stand tall and push even harder. Vitruvia decided to join the tour even through their struggles as a three piece band, sharing their story with the world and touching hearts with their music. When they came home from the tour, they decided to start searching for a new guitarist, not to replace Nate, but to gain a new side to the band, all the while continuing to play their hearts out. They plan to finish their 6 song EP soon and can’t wait to push even harder than they have before.

Vitruvia’s writing process is taken very seriously, with each song, that has its own theme, showing everyone is loved and not alone. Through their music they tell their life stories and struggles to let the world know we can all persevere through tough times. With engaging and poignant lyrics, each song has technical beats and catchy riffs that make on-stage performance one of their biggest striving points. Vitruvia’s charisma brings everyone to their feet and gets them moving to their own beat. They not only want to make powerful and uplifting music, but to lead through example by their own lives and tenacity, to show that only by confronting and persevering through adversity, one can find success and peace.

“Music plays a big part in our lives. If we are going to live by what we listen to, then why not make it positive and uplifting? We do not need negative messages telling us to do things. We need positive messages to uplift us and bring something to everyone’s heart. Who can offer this? We can. We push for a better world” -Vitruvia


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