Devil Inside Promotions is an independent band promoter based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our aim is to support and promote emerging and established artists across the world; releasing music, organizing tours, providing resources and securing press coverage for the acts signed to our future label. We will continue our promotional series to continuously find new bands and give them a sampling of what our future label can offer.

Many people have asked why was Devil Inside chosen and what does it mean. For many years the Devil has been referenced in rock and metal songs. Some fight for, some fight against, some make deals and others say they are the Devil. Whatever the case is the Devil will always be an undeniable part of music even if you don’t believe in its existence. There is a devil inside of us all and we all deal with it differently. We use ours to support artists in any way we can. So how do you deal with your Devil?

city of the weak
Featured Artist

City of the Weak is unstoppable

by Dakota Horbaczek in Featured Band 0

City of the Weak is not like anything like you have heard before. You can throw a fit, but you can’t censor this band. These unstoppable musicians are alternative rockers from Minneapolis, MN. One of [...]
Spotlight Artist

Eye on Attraction has method and madness

by Dakota Horbaczek in Spotlight Artist 0

Spotlight Artist: Eye on Attraction   Eye on Attraction has a fun and energetic sound that will having dancing along in no time flat. They are an alt/prog rock band based in Scranton, PA. Eye [...]

City of the Weak – Not This Time

City of the Weak – Not This Time (Official Video) from the new album “Pulling Teeth” Catch us on tour all year long! Buy/Stream the new album “Pulling Teeth” HERE: Website: VEVO: […]


SERTRALINE – I Admit The Blame

Official video for ‘I Admit The Blame’ by Sertraline ‘I Admit The Blame’ features on Sertraline’s new EP ‘Guilty’ AVAILABLE NOW!! iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: