Nickie is an upcoming photographer from Irwin, which is just outside Pittsburgh, PA. After becoming a fan of Green Day she made sure that they were her first concert. After seeing them live her passion got the spark it needed to become a raging fire. When she covers a show she creates lasting memories not just for herself but for her friends and the bands she photographs. Her photos reflect the passion that she pours into them.


new years day
New Years Day at The Rex Theater
Photos by Nickie Menchio Neostem Dematus New Years Day
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Featured Artist

Illusions of Grandeur brings forth The Siren

by Dakota Horbaczek in Featured Band 0

Illusions of Grandeur is epic hard rock that brings a power metal performance. Much like September Mourning, In This Moment and Sick N Beautiful they have a story to tell and theatrics to entrance you [...]
21 taras
Spotlight Artist

21 Taras are bringing back 70s rock

by Dakota Horbaczek in Spotlight Artist 0

21 Taras is bring back that 70s rock we all love. They have the groove of CCR, the fire of Aerosmith, style of The Who and riffs like Deep Purple. Back in August this Colorado [...]