Dizzy by Samana Rising
Their music is always soaked in retrospective roots whilst of varied source material. Wherever they are pointing their toes Samana
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White Rabbit by Travelers is hopping onto your playlists
Virginia Beach alternative rock duo Travelers have released their brand new single, “White Rabbit,” out on all digital platforms now.
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I Loved You, Once by Hazel Bloom
Hazel Bloom states: “I Loved You, Once” is the first song I wrote while experimenting with new production methods and
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Pretty Little Angel Eyes by Rocky Dennis Face
Pretty Little Angel Eyes is the newest single by Rocky Dennis Face. If the Beach Boys were a punk band
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Red Hot & Holy by Sarah & The Safe Word
An ambitious combination of gothic pop and a vaudeville-esque rock, Sarah & The Safe Word explore themes of safety, comfort, and
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Turns Me On is the return of Cilver
Turns Me On is the newest single from the New York based rockers Cilver. It is the first single since
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born for blood
Born for Blood is VISTA’s newest single
Born For Blood, a wildly upbeat, distortion-laced, electronic-infused alternative rock track explores themes of hunger, determination, and empowerment. The stand-alone
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Wasted Away by Interitum will whisk you away
Interitum – Wasted Away Official Video New single from Tasmanian band Interitum, Wasted Away is the first single from their
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Witch Hunt by VISTA will fire you up
An incredible song released by the unstoppable alternative rock band VISTA. Witch Hunt fires on all cylinders from start to
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Scars of You by A Light Divided
  Scars of You is the second single from the upcoming album CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. Shot and directed by
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My Enemy by Kaleido (Video and Single)
My Enemy is the newest single and video by one of most beloved bands, Kaleido. Incredibly moving is the only
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Fear of Heights by A Light Divided
FEAR OF HEIGHTS is available RIGHT NOW on all your favorite online realtors! Check it out in the comments below,
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Take a Lesson by Echoheart
Take a Lesson is a single by the Maryland based Echoheart. Tell me how did we get here I thought
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Pray For Her by Reign of Z
Pray For Her is the second single released by Reign of Z. Bandcamp: https://reignofz.bandcamp.com/track/pray-for-her
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Whispers In The Walls by Reign of Z
Whispers In The Walls is the first single by the Pittsburgh based band Reign of Z. Bandcamp: https://reignofz.bandcamp.com/track/whispers-in-the-walls
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Featured Artist

Witchcraft comes from Silent Hill

by Dakota Horbaczek in Featured Band 0

Witchcraft is an ethereal gothic metal band out of Russia. Take the play style of Evanescence and mix it with the theatrics of In This Moment. From the first moment you see any of their [...]
Spotlight Artist

Alter The Design are steel city heroes

by Dakota Horbaczek in Spotlight Artist 0

Alter The Design is one of the best hard rock bands in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Time after time and show after show this band has shown incredible talent. Their music will remind you [...]
Spotlight Artist


Spotlight Artist: Echoheart Maryland has produced a truly captivating band with Echoheart. They have just finished their “The Way We Were Made” tour named after their recently released EP. Capturing hearts and minds wherever they […]