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Spotlight Artist

Alter The Design are steel city heroes
Alter The Design is one of the best hard rock bands in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Time after time
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Stellar Circuits music will haunt you
Stellar Circuits is a stunning metal band that got its start in Winston-Salem, NC 3 years ago. Even though this is
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Rotten Reputation fires things up
Rotten Reputation is crashing into your homes with what they refer to as Riot Grrrl Punk. These punk rockers hail
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21 taras
21 Taras are bringing back 70s rock
21 Taras is bring back that 70s rock we all love. They have the groove of CCR, the fire of
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misty eyed
Misty Eyed brings mythology to life
Misty Eyed is a concept driven rock band out of Atlanta, GA. Eurydice is the newest addition to their repertoire.
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Alice Sweet Alice brings the macabre
Alice Sweet Alice is Kansas City rock with a twist of the macabre. There are several people lending themselves to
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Travelers are following a White Rabbit
Travelers have come from Virginia Beach with their own style of electronic rock. Their spontaneous sound is a cross between
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Eye on Attraction has method and madness
Spotlight Artist: Eye on Attraction   Eye on Attraction has a fun and energetic sound that will having dancing along
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Dematus rocks out at the Ghost Carnivale
Dematus is a carnival of music straight out of Pittsburgh. They are a duel genre band cultivating the qualities of
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Sick N’ Beautiful is raised to the power of 666
Sick N’ Beautiful is raised to the power of 666! These freakshow pirates came from space and have crash landed
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Jules Walcott is rising with her dark pop
Jules Walcott has a haunting beauty to her music. Each song adds a dark rhythm to her velvety vocals. Jules
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VISTA is Born for Blood
Vista is a remarkable alternative rock band that leaves listeners wanting more each time a track of theirs is played.
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Wave Break has come crashing in
Wave Break is a brand new pop punk band coming to entice you with their energetic music. Each show they
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hot pink satan
Hot Pink Satan will put a spell on you
Hot Pink Satan hails from Pittsburgh, PA. This dark electronic duo is releasing their newest album ‘Spells’ at the end
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Sertraline is a captivating blend of hard rock and metal that will hit you with everything they have until you
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