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Millvale Music Festival Part 3 by Shyan Montuoro
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Millvale Music Festival Part 2 by John Murtagh
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Millvale Music Festival Part 1 by Nickie Menchio
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Fate’s Got A Driver kills it in Pittsburgh
Wednesday, Dec. 12th brought out the finest pop punk Pittsburgh had to offer down at the Hard Rock Café. Murderboat
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Alter The Design are steel city heroes
Alter The Design is one of the best hard rock bands in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Time after time
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Identity X and Big Atlantic at Club Cafe
Identity X Big Atlantic
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Stellar Circuits music will haunt you
Stellar Circuits is a stunning metal band that got its start in Winston-Salem, NC 3 years ago. Even though this is
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Songs of the Siren by Illusions of Grandeur
Illusions of Grandeur hail from the city of Lancaster, PA, which historically is known for modest Amish culture, sprawling farms
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Mis-An-Thrope by Ded
Hardcore was founded as an unabashedly angry genre of music. It was a bunch of people getting together and screaming
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13 by Raven Black
Death and extreme metal have always been somewhat of a niche genre in metal. It has nonetheless managed to attract
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The Last Arbiter of XAEL
Folk metal is a genre with firm roots in the past. From bands like Arkona to Korpiklaani, the genre pays
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Eradication is brought by Central Disorder
Chicago is known for many things. Among those things is a tremendous music scene that has given birth to a
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Holy Hell by Architects
Between their last album release, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, and Holy Hell, Architects went through a deep tragedy,
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Taste the Blood of Outliar
Outliar is a thrash metal band hailing from Apex, NC. This brutal five-piece consists of vocalist Anthony Graham, lead guitarist
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